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19. Language / B. Meaning / 2. Meaning as Mental

[meanings are essentially mental events]

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For Aristotle meaning and reference are linked to concepts [Putnam on Aristotle]
Words were devised as signs for inner ideas, and their basic meaning is those ideas [Locke]
Language is presumably for communication, and names stand for ideas [Berkeley]
Frege felt that meanings must be public, so they are abstractions rather than mental entities [Putnam on Frege]
Psychological logicians are concerned with sense of words, but mathematicians study the reference [Frege]
Identity baffles psychologists, since A and B must be presented differently to identify them [Frege]
Everything that is experienced in consciousness is meaning [Derrida]
If we reject corresponding 'facts', we should also give up the linked idea of 'representations' [Davidson]
If meaning is mental pictures, explain "the cat (or dog!) is NOT on the mat" [Lowe]