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16. Persons / B. Nature of the Self / 7. Self and Body / a. Self needs body

[a body is necessary for a sef]

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The mind only knows itself by means of ideas of the modification of the body [Spinoza]
We need an account of the self based on rational principles, to avoid materialism [Kant]
The powerful self behind your thoughts and feelings is your body [Nietzsche]
Certainty that I will die is more basic to my existence than the Cogito [Heidegger]
Bodily identity and memory work together to establish personal identity [Ayer]
People own conscious states because they are causally related to the identifying body [Ayer]
Two experiences belong to one self if their contents belong with one body [Ayer]
Empiricists can define personal identity as bodily identity, which consists of sense-contents [Ayer]
A person is an entity to which we can ascribe predicates of consciousness and corporeality [Strawson,P]
If we have a pain, we are strongly aware of the bodily self [Cassam]
Maybe our persistence conditions concern bodies, rather than persons [Olson, by Hawley]
For 'animalism', I exist before I became a person, and can continue after it, so I am not a person [Olson, by Lowe]
The self is founded on bodily awareness centred in the brain stem [Edelman/Tononi]
You hold a child in your arms, so it is not mental substance, or mental state, or software [Merricks]