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18. Thought / B. Mechanics of Thought / 6. Artificial Thought / a. Artificial Intelligence

[possibility of building thinking/conscious machine]

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With wonderful new machines being made, a speaking machine no longer seems impossible [La Mettrie]
AI can't predict innovation, or consequences, or external relations, or external events [MacIntyre]
What matters about neuro-science is the discovery of the functional role of the chemistry [Dennett]
Frame Problem: how to eliminate most beliefs as irrelevant, without searching them? [Fodor]
Is thought a syntactic computation using representations? [Fodor, by Rey]
Images can't replace computation, as they need it [Rey]
CRTT is good on deduction, but not so hot on induction, abduction and practical reason [Rey]
The 'Frame Problem' is how to program the appropriate application of general knowledge [Lowe]
Computers can't be rational, because they lack motivation and curiosity [Lowe]