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29. Religion / F. Problem of Evil / 4. Natural Evil

[possible explanations of why natural disasters occur]

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God is responsible for the good things, but we must look elsewhere for the cause of the bad things [Plato]
If God foresaw evil he would presumably prevent it, and if he only foresees some things, why those things? [Sext.Empiricus]
If we ask whether God's works are perfect, we must not take a narrow viewpoint, but look at the universe as a whole [Descartes]
If sin is not just physical, we don't consider God the origin of sin because he causes physical events [Berkeley]
Natural disasters like famine can't be divine justice because their consequences are too indiscriminate [Mill, by PG]
It is especially unfair that nature rewards those with benefits (health) and hurts those with disadvantages (poverty) [Mill, by PG]
When we desire and believe in the possibility of justice in another world, we are admitting the injustice of this world [Mill, by PG]
The only reasonable conclusion from the evidence is that God desires human misery [Mill, by PG]
If human beings performed the horrible actions that nature performs, they would be rightly punished [Mill, by PG]
It is logically possible that natural evil like earthquakes is caused by Satan [Plantinga, by PG]