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22. Metaethics / A. Ethical Ends / 9. Selfishness

[view that people are actually motivated by selfishness]

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Is it natural to simply indulge our selfish desires? [Plato]
If we were invisible, would the just man become like the unjust? [Plato]
Clever criminals do well at first, but not in the long run [Plato]
For Aristotle, true self-love is love of the higher parts of one's soul [Annas on Aristotle]
The best people exercise their virtue towards others, rather than to themselves [Aristotle]
Self-love benefits ourselves, and also helps others [Aristotle]
Selfishness is wrong not because it is self-love, but because it is excessive [Aristotle]
Carneades said that after a shipwreck a wise man would seize the only plank by force [Tuck on Carneades]
Selfishness does not produce happiness; to live for yourself, live for others [Seneca]
All voluntary acts aim at some good for the doer [Hobbes]
As death approaches, why do we still care about family, friends or country? [Hutcheson]
Total selfishness is not irrational [Hume]
The distinction between egoistic and non-egoistic acts is absurd [Nietzsche]
A living being is totally 'egoistic' [Nietzsche]
Self-concern may be a source of pain, or a lack of self-respect, or a failure of responsibility [Korsgaard]