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23. Ethics / E. Utilitarianism / 3. Motivation for Altruism

[reasons why other people's feelings matter]

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No one would cause pain to a complete stranger who happened to be passing [Hume]
Nature makes private affections come first, because public concerns are spread too thinly [Hume]
General happiness is only desirable because individuals desire their own happiness [Mill]
The morality of slaves is the morality of utility [Nietzsche]
Utilitarianism criticises the origins of morality, but still believes in it as much as Christians [Nietzsche]
Any group interested in ethics must surely have a sentiment of generalised benevolence [Smart]
Utilitarian benevolence involves no particular attachments, and is immune to the inverse square law [Williams,B]
Utilitarianism is too demanding [Nagel]