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17. Mind and Body / A. Mind-Body Dualism / 3. Panpsychism

[all matter has a mental aspect to it]

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Wisdom and thought are shared by all things [Empedocles]
The earth is and always has been an insentient being [Lucretius]
Particles may have sensation, but eggs turning into chicks suggests otherwise [Lucretius]
Every body contains a kind of sense and appetite, or a soul [Leibniz]
Something rather like souls (though not intelligent) could be found everywhere [Leibniz]
Leibniz has a panpsychist view that physical points are spiritual [Leibniz, by Martin/Barresi]
Whatever is First must be sentient [Peirce]
Can phenomenal qualities exist unsensed? [Lockwood]
Brains aren't made of anything special, suggesting panpsychism [McGinn]
It is odd if experience is a very recent development [Chalmers]