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23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 3. Virtues / b. Temperance

[restraint and rational self-control as a virtue]

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If absence of desire is happiness, then nothing is happier than a stone or a corpse [Plato]
Self-indulgent desire makes friendship impossible, because it makes a person incapable of co-operation [Plato]
Excessive laughter and tears must be avoided [Plato]
It is quite possible to live a moderate life and yet be miserable [Aristotle]
Excessive curiosity is a form of intemperance [Seneca]
It's no good winning lots of fights, if you are then conquered by your own temper [Seneca]
Anger is an extreme vice, threatening sanity, and gripping whole states [Seneca]
Anger is a vice which afflicts good men as well as bad [Seneca]
Temperance prevents our passions from acting against reason [Aquinas]
Temperance is not a virtue if it results from timidity or excessive puritanism [Foot]