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24. Applied Ethics / C. Death Issues / 1. Death

[value of death, especially in assessing evil]

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One with no use for life is wiser than one who values it [Lao Tzu]
Men fear death as a great evil when it may be a great blessing [Socrates]
If death is like a night of dreamless sleep, such nights are very pleasant [Socrates]
The more virtuous and happy a person is, the worse the prospect becomes of ending life [Aristotle]
It is absurd to fear the pain of death when you are not even facing it [Epicurus]
Fearing death is absurd, because we are not present when it occurs [Epicurus]
The wisdom that produces a good life also produces a good death [Epicurus]
The dead are no different from those who were never born [Lucretius]
We know death, which is like before birth; ceasing to be and never beginning are the same [Seneca]
Living is nothing wonderful; what matters is to die well [Seneca]
It is as silly to lament ceasing to be as to lament not having lived in the remote past [Seneca]
The soul conserves the body, as we see by its dissolution when the soul leaves [Toletus]
Apart from the fear, dying is an easy duty [Montaigne]
We don't die because the soul departs; the soul departs because the organs cease functioning [Descartes]
Death and generation are just transformations of an animal, augmented or diminished [Leibniz]
Most people facing death would happily re-live a similar life, with just a bit of variety [Leibniz]
Death is just the contraction of an animal [Leibniz]
Most people would probably choose non-existence at the end of their life, rather than relive the whole thing [Schopenhauer]
Is there any such thing as death among the lower organisms? [Peirce]
Most dying people have probably lost more important things than what they are about to lose [Nietzsche]
We don't worry about the time before we were born the way we worry about death [Nagel]
'Death' is best seen as irreversible loss of consciousness, since this is why we care about brain function [Glover]
It is disturbing if we become unreal when we die, but if time is unreal, then we remain real after death [Le Poidevin]
Death appears to be more frightening the less one has lived [Svendsen]