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7. Existence / D. Theories of Reality / 3. Anti-realism

[either denial of external reality, or of its having knowable structure]

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For the Cyrenaics experience was not enough to give certainty about reality [Aristippus young, by Plutarch]
Berkeley does believe in trees, but is confused about what trees are [Berkeley, by Cameron]
Without the subject or the senses, space and time vanish, as their appearances disappear [Kant]
Even the most perfect intuition gets no closer to things in themselves [Kant]
The knowing subject and the crude matter of the world are both in themselves unknowable [Schopenhauer]
If someone doubted reality, they would not actually feel dissatisfaction [Peirce]
The grounds for an assertion that the world is only apparent actually establish its reality [Nietzsche]
Absolute reality is an absurdity [Husserl]
Arguments that objects are unknowable or non-existent assume the knower's existence [Colvin]
If objects are doubted because their appearances change, that presupposes one object [Colvin]
The idea that everything is relations is contradictory; relations are part of the concept of things [Colvin]
Visible things are physical and external, but only exist when viewed [Russell]
Quantum theory does not introduce minds into atomic events [Heisenberg]
We build our world, and ignore anything that won't fit [Goodman]
You can't deny a hypothesis a truth-value simply because we may never know it! [Putnam]
It is an illusion to think there could be one good scientific theory of reality [Putnam]
If we try to cure the abundance of theories with causal links, this is 'just more theory' [Putnam, by Lewis]
The sentence 'A cat is on a mat' remains always true when 'cat' means cherry and 'mat' means tree [Putnam]
Putnam says anti-realism is a bad explanation of accurate predictions [Putnam, by Okasha]
We can't make sense of a world not apprehended by a mind [Dummett]
I no longer think what a statement about the past says is just what can justify it [Dummett]
For anti-realists there are no natural distinctions between objects [Dummett, by Benardete,JA]
Inability to measure equality doesn't make all lengths unequal [Shoemaker]
We couldn't verify the earth's rotation if everyone simultaneously fell asleep [Shoemaker]
Anti-realists see the world as imaginary, or lacking joints, or beyond reference, or beyond truth [Lewis]
Anti-realists who reduce reality to language must explain the existence of language [Heil]
The realist/anti-realist debate is notoriously obscure and fruitless [Williamson]
Anti-realists can't explain different methods to measure distance [Swoyer]
Anti-realists deny truth-values to all statements, and say evidence and ontology are inseparable [Mumford]
Anti-realists say our theories (such as wave-particle duality) give reality incompatible properties [O'Grady]
Anti-realism is more plausible about laws than about entities and theories [Bird]
Indeterminacy arguments say if a theory can be made true, it has multiple versions [Button]
An ideal theory can't be wholly false, because its consistency implies a true model [Button]
The anti-realism debate concerns whether indefeasibility is a plausible aim of inquiry [Misak]
Said Plato: 'The things that we feel... [Sommers,W]