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7. Existence / A. Nature of Existence / 3. Being / a. Nature of Being

[the nature of pure being]

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Being must be eternal and uncreated, and hence it is timeless [Parmenides]
No necessity could produce Being either later or earlier, so it must exist absolutely or not at all [Parmenides]
Being is not divisible, since it is all alike [Parmenides]
Being is one [Melissus, by Aristotle]
True Being only occurs when it is completely full, with atoms and no void [Democritus, by Aristotle]
There are four kinds of being: incidental, per se, potential and actual, and being as truth [Aristotle, by Wittgenstein]
Being is either what falls in the categories, or what makes propositions true [Aristotle, by Aquinas]
Things are predicated of the basic thing, which isn't predicated of anything else [Aristotle]
There is only being in a certain way, and without that way there is no being [Aristotle]
Being (not sensation or God) is the primary object of the intellect [Duns Scotus, by Dumont]
The concept of being has only one meaning, whether talking of universals or of God [Duns Scotus, by Dumont]
Only supernatural means could annihilate anything once it had being [Hobbes]
Absolute thought remains in another world from being [Feuerbach]
Being is what is undetermined, and hence indistinguishable [Feuerbach]
Our goal is to reveal a new hidden region of Being [Husserl]
Being is what belongs to every possible object of thought [Russell]
Reducing being to the study of beings too readily accepts the modern scientific view [Heidegger, by May]
For us, Being is constituted by awareness of other sorts of Being [Heidegger]
Ontology can be continual creation, not to know being, but to probe the unknowable [Deleuze]
'Being' is univocal, but its subject matter is actually 'difference' [Deleuze]
Necessary beings (numbers, properties, sets, propositions, states of affairs, God) exist in all possible worlds [Plantinga]
There is no Being as a whole, because there is no set of all sets [Badiou]
Mathematics inscribes being as such [Badiou]
Every proposition is entirely about being [Lewis]
To grasp being, we must say why something exists, and why there is one world [Jacquette]
Being is substantial/accidental, complete/incomplete, necessary/contingent, possible, relative, intrinsic.. [Oderberg]