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2. Reason / C. Styles of Reason / 2. Elenchus

[Socrates' use of interrogation for philosophy]

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In Socratic dialogue you must say what you believe, so unasserted premises are not debated [Vlastos on Socrates]
Socrates was pleased if his mistakes were proved wrong [Socrates]
The method of Socrates shows the student is discovering the truth within himself [Socrates, by Carlisle]
Socrates always proceeded in argument by general agreement at each stage [Socrates, by Xenophon]
In "Gorgias" Socrates is confident that his 'elenchus' will decide moral truth [Vlastos on Plato]
We should test one another, by asking and answering questions [Plato]
You must never go against what you actually believe [Plato]
In discussion a person's opinions are shown to be in conflict, leading to calm self-criticism [Plato]