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17. Mind and Body / C. Functionalism / 7. Chinese Room

[counterexample of non-conscious function]

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Maybe understanding doesn't need consciousness, despite what Searle seems to think [Searle, by Chalmers]
A program won't contain understanding if it is small enough to imagine [Dennett on Searle]
If bigger and bigger brain parts can't understand, how can a whole brain? [Dennett on Searle]
I now think syntax is not in the physics, but in the eye of the beholder [Searle]
A program for Chinese translation doesn't need to understand Chinese [Searle]
The person couldn't run Searle's Chinese Room without understanding Chinese [Kim]
Is the room functionally the same as a Chinese speaker? [Rey]
Searle is guilty of the fallacy of division - attributing a property of the whole to a part [Rey]
Maybe the whole Chinese Room understands Chinese, though the person doesn't [Chalmers]
A computer program is equivalent to the person AND the manual [Lowe]
The Chinese Room should be able to ask itself questions in Mandarin [Westaway]