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28. God / A. Divine Nature / 5. Divine Morality / a. Divine morality

[general ideas on God and morality]

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Where does evil come from if there is a god; where does good come from if there isn't? [Boethius]
God prefers men to lions, but might not exterminate lions to save one man [Leibniz]
We are asked to follow God's ends because he is our benefactor, but why must we do that? [Hutcheson]
Why may God not have a superior moral sense very similar to ours? [Hutcheson]
Either Abraham rises higher than universal ethics, or he is a mere murderer [Kierkegaard]
Morality kills religion, because a Christian-moral God is unbelievable [Nietzsche]
It is dishonest to invent a being containing our greatest values, thus ignoring why they exist and are valuable [Nietzsche]
Those who have abandoned God cling that much more firmly to the faith in morality [Nietzsche]