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7. Existence / D. Theories of Reality / 2. Reality

[sort of reality to which realists are committed]

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Absolute ideas, such as the Good and the Beautiful, cannot be known by us [Plato]
Plato's reality has unchanging Parmenidean forms, and Heraclitean flux [Plato, by Fogelin]
Knowledge of potential is universal and indefinite; of the actual it is definite and of individuals [Aristotle]
We lack some sense or other, and hence objects may have hidden features [Montaigne]
Only unities have any reality [Leibniz]
Schopenhauer, unlike other idealists, says reality is irrational [Schopenhauer, by Lewis,PB]
The real is the idea in which the community ultimately settles down [Peirce]
The World is all experiencable objects [Husserl]
Space is neutral between touch and sight, so it cannot really be either of them [Russell]
Readiness-to-hand defines things in themselves ontologically [Heidegger]
To be 'real' is to be an element of a system, so we cannot ask reality questions about the system itself [Carnap]
Reality is largely a matter of habit [Goodman]
Some think of reality as made of things; I prefer facts or states of affairs [Armstrong]
Reality is the overlap of true complete theories [Harman]
Causal power is a good way of distinguishing the real from the unreal [Kim]
Without God we faced reality: what do we face without reality? [Baudrillard]
If causal power is the test for reality, that will exclude necessities and possibilities [McGinn]
Reality can be viewed neutrally, or as an object of desire [Roochnik]
A non-standard realism, with no privileged standpoint, might challenge its absoluteness or coherence [Fine,K]
Bottom level facts are subject to time and world, middle to world but not time, and top to neither [Fine,K]
What is real can only be settled in terms of 'ground' [Fine,K]
Reality is a primitive metaphysical concept, which cannot be understood in other terms [Fine,K]
In metaphysics, reality is regarded as either 'factual', or as 'fundamental' [Fine,K]
Why should what is explanatorily basic be therefore more real? [Fine,K]
Reality can be seen as the totality of facts, or as the totality of things [Hofweber]