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1. Philosophy / G. Scientific Philosophy / 1. Aims of Science

[knowledge gained by experiments]

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The object of scientific knowledge is what is necessary [Aristotle]
All experimental conclusions assume that the future will be like the past [Hume]
Realism is the only philosophy of science that doesn't make the success of science a miracle [Putnam]
Science rules the globe because of colonising power, not inherent rationality [Feyerabend]
For science to be rational, we must explain scientific change rationally [Newton-Smith]
We do not wish merely to predict, we also want to explain [Newton-Smith]
The real problem of science is how to choose between possible explanations [Newton-Smith]
Presumably the statements of science are true, but should they be taken literally or not? [Benardete,JA]
We resist science partly because it can't provide ethical wisdom [Flanagan]
There is no such thing as 'science'; there are just many different sciences [Heil]
Science is in the business of carving nature at the joints [Segal]
Instrumentalists say distinctions between observation and theory vanish with ostensive definition [Bird]