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25. Society / B. The State / 3. Constitutions

[formal statement of a society's structure and rights]

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The aim of legislators, and of a good constitution, is to create good citizens [Aristotle]
The six constitutions are monarchy/tyranny, aristocracy/oligarchy, and polity/democracy [Aristotle]
Any constitution can be made to last for a day or two [Aristotle]
We must decide the most desirable human life before designing a constitution [Aristotle]
The four constitutions are democracy (freedom), oligarchy (wealth), aristocracy (custom), tyranny (security) [Aristotle]
Stoics favour a mixture of democracy, monarchy and aristocracy [Stoic school, by Diog. Laertius]
The principle foundations of all states are good laws and good armies [Machiavelli]
It would be absurd if even a free constitution did not impose restraints, for the public good [Hume]
Each nation should, from self-interest, join an international security constitution [Kant]
A constitution must always be improved when necessary [Kant]
There is only a constitution if rights are assured, and separation of powers defined [Mirabeau/committee]
The state coldly claims that it is the people, but that is a lie [Nietzsche]
A just constitution harmonises the different freedoms [Sandel]
A ratified constitution may not be a just constitution [Sandel]