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23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 3. Virtues / d. Courage

[virtuous resistance to fear and danger]

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Being unafraid (perhaps through ignorance) and being brave are two different things [Plato]
Strictly speaking, a courageous person is one who does not fear an honourable death [Aristotle]
True courage is an appropriate response to a dangerous situation [Aristotle]
Great courage is not violent [Chuang Tzu]
Panaetius identified courage with great-mindedness, preferring civic courage to military [Panaetius, by Asmis]
In a free man, choosing flight can show as much strength of mind as fighting [Spinoza]
Contempt of danger is just madness if it is not in some worthy cause [Hutcheson]
Cool courage and feverish bravery have one name, but are two very different virtues [Nietzsche]
Military idea: what does not kill me makes me stronger [Nietzsche]
Cowards are responsible for their cowardice [Sartre]
Courage is not a virtue, but the form of every virtue at its testing point [Lewis,CS]
Courage overcomes the fears which should be overcome, and doesn't overvalue personal safety [Foot]
The courage of an evil person is still a quality worth having [Zagzebski]