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[giving necessary and sufficient conditions for a truth or event]

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Some facts are indispensable for an effect, and others actually necessitate the effect [Stoic school, by Cicero]
That something is a necessary condition of something else doesn't mean it caused it [Seneca]
Definitions often give necessary but not sufficient conditions for an extension [Fodor]
There may only be necessary and sufficient conditions (and counterfactuals) because we intervene in the world [Lockwood]
If p entails q, then p is sufficient for q, and q is necessary for p [Scruton]
In "if and only if" (iff), "if" expresses the sufficient condition, and "only if" the necessary condition [Engel]
Analysis aims at secure necessary and sufficient conditions [Schaffer,J]
'Necessary' conditions are requirements, and 'sufficient' conditions are guarantees [Davies,S]