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19. Language / A. Nature of Meaning / 6. Meaning as Use

[meaning of language is its use]

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Study the use of words, not their origins [Herder]
A sign won't gain sense just from being used in sentences with familiar components [Frege]
For Wittgenstein, words are defined by their use, just as chess pieces are [Wittgenstein, by Fogelin]
In the majority of cases the meaning of a word is its use in the language [Wittgenstein]
We do not achieve meaning and understanding in our heads, but in the world [Wittgenstein, by Rowlands]
We all seem able to see quite clearly how sentences represent things when we use them [Wittgenstein]
The meaning of an expression or sentence is general directions for its use, to refer or to assert [Strawson,P]
"Meaning is use" is not a definition of meaning [Putnam]
To understand language is to know how to use it to reach shared understandings [Habermas]
Meaning as use puts use beyond criticism, and needs a holistic view of language [Dummett]
We could only guess the meanings of 'true' and 'false' when sentences were used [Dummett]
An understood sentence can be used for almost anything; it isn't language if it has only one use [Davidson]
Meaning involves use, but a sentence has many uses, while meaning stays fixed [Davidson]
Take meaning to be use in calculation with concepts, rather than in communication [Harman]
The use theory attaches meanings to words, not to sentences [Harman]
'How now brown cow?' is used for elocution, but this says nothing about its meaning [Cooper,DE]
Most people know how to use the word "Amen", but they do not know what it means [Cooper,DE]
The meaning of a word contains all its possible uses as well as its actual ones [Nagel]
The meaning of a sentence derives from its use in expressing an attitude [Fodor]
The meaning of "and" may be its use, but not of "animal" [Rey]
It is hard to state a rule of use for a proper name [Lycan]
Could I successfully use an expression, without actually understanding it? [Lycan]
The use of a sentence is its commitments and entitlements [Brandom, by Lycan]
You might know that the word 'gob' meant 'mouth', but not be competent to use it [Williamson]
Prior to conventions, not all green things were green? [Sider]