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25. Society / B. The State / 5. Leaders / d. Elites

[rule of a small group, by talent, birth or wealth]

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Men of the highest calibre avoid political life completely [Confucius]
The best rulers are impervious to pleasure, and don't encourage it in the state [PG on Plato]
Only rule by philosophers of integrity can keep a community healthy [Plato]
Reluctant rulers make a better and more unified administration [Plato]
Natural aristocracy is primitive, hereditary is bad, and elective aristocracy is the best [Rousseau]
Natural aristocracy is primitive, and hereditary is dreadful, but elective aristocracy is best [Rousseau]
Large states need a nobility to fill the gap between a single prince and the people [Rousseau]
'If you're aristocratic,' said Nietzsche... [Sommers,W]