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8. Modes of Existence / D. Universals / 6. Platonic Forms / d. Forms critiques

[criticisms of Plato's theory of Forms]

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Plato mistakenly thought forms were totally abstracted away from matter [Bacon on Plato]
Plato's Forms not only do not come from the senses, but they are beyond possibility of sensing [Plato, by Kant]
A Form is a cause of things only in the way that white mixed with white is a cause [Aristotle on Plato]
The Forms cannot be changeless if they are in changing things [Aristotle on Plato]
It is meaningless to speak of 'man-himself', because it has the same definition as plain 'man' [Aristotle]
Eternal white is no whiter than temporary white, and it is the same with goodness [Aristotle]
How will a vision of pure goodness make someone a better doctor? [Aristotle]
Predications only pick out kinds of things, not things in themselves [Aristotle]
If men exist by participating in two forms (Animal and Biped), they are plural, not unities [Aristotle]
The Forms have to be potentialities, not actual knowledge or movement [Aristotle]
There is no point at all in the theory of Forms unless it contains a principle that produces movement [Aristotle]
All attempts to prove the Forms are either invalid, or prove Forms where there aren't supposed to be any [Aristotle]
Are there forms for everything, or for negations, or for destroyed things? [Aristotle]
What possible contribution can the Forms make to perceptible entities? [Aristotle]
Aristotle is not asserting facts about the location of properties, but about their ontological status [Aristotle, by Moreland]
If two is part of three then numbers aren't Forms, because they would all be intermingled [Aristotle]
We can forget the Forms, as they are irrelevant, and not needed in giving demonstrations [Aristotle]
Platonic Forms are just our thoughts [Stoic school, by Ps-Plutarch]
If the form of 'human' contains 'many', Socrates isn't human; if it contains 'one', Socrates is Plato [Aquinas]
The 'universal' term 'man' is just imagining whatever is the same in a multitude of men [Spinoza]
Platonic explanations of universals actually diminish our understanding [Molnar]
If there is no causal interaction with transcendent Platonic objects, how can you learn about them? [Benardete,JA]
How could you tell if the universals were missing from a world of instances? [Heil]