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19. Language / D. Propositions / 6. Propositions Critique

[rejection of the existence of propositions]

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An inventory of the world does not need to include propositions [Russell]
I no longer believe in propositions, especially concerning falsehoods [Russell]
I know longer believe in shadowy things like 'that today is Wednesday' when it is actually Tuesday [Russell]
The main aim of the multiple relations theory of judgement was to dispense with propositions [Russell, by Linsky,B]
In 1906, Russell decided that propositions did not, after all, exist [Russell, by Monk]
There are no propositions; they are just sentences, used for thinking, which link to facts in a certain way [Ryle]
If we accept true propositions, it is hard to reject false ones, and even nonsensical ones [Ryle]
Talk of propositions is just shorthand for talking about equivalent sentences [Ayer]
It makes no sense to say that two sentences express the same proposition [Quine]
There is no rule for separating the information from other features of sentences [Quine]
We can abandon propositions, and just talk of sentences and equivalence [Quine]
The problem with propositions is their individuation. When do two sentences express one proposition? [Quine]
Propositions explain nothing without an explanation of how sentences manage to name them [Davidson]
Indexicals reveal big problems with the traditional idea of a proposition [Perry]
If propositions are abstract entities, how can minds depend on their causal powers? [Lowe]