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18. Thought / A. Modes of Thought / 5. Rationality

[mental capacity for reason and logic]

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Aristotle gives a superior account of rationality, because he allows emotions to participate [Hursthouse on Aristotle]
All thought is feeling, and rationality is the sensitive soul contemplating reasoning [La Mettrie]
Kantian 'intuition' is the bridge between pure reason and its application to sense experiences [Kant, by Friend]
When absorbed in deep reflection, is your reason in control, or is it you? [Feuerbach]
Everybody overrates their own reasoning, so it is clearly superficial [Peirce]
Reasoning involves observation, experiment, and habituation [Peirce]
Rationality is a scheme we cannot cast away [Nietzsche]
It is rational to believe in reality, despite the lack of demonstrative reasons for it [Russell]
The human intellect has not been, and cannot be, fully formalized [Nagel/Newman]
Rationality is one part of our conception of human flourishing [Putnam]
Absence of all rationality would be absence of thought [Davidson]
Ordinary rationality is conservative, starting from where your beliefs currently are [Harman]
Rationality has mental properties - autonomy, productivity, experiment [Fodor]
Do we use reason to distinguish people from animals, or use that difference to define reason? [Scruton]
Only rational beings are attentive without motive or concern [Scruton]
Stich accepts eliminativism (labelled 'pragmatism') about rationality and normativity [Stich, by Engel]
A frog will starve to death surrounded by dead flies [Carter,R]
People are wildly inaccurate in estimating probabilities about an observed event [Lowe]
'Base rate neglect' makes people favour the evidence over its background [Lowe]
Consistency is the cornerstone of rationality [Baggini /Fosl]
We are also irrational, with a unique ability to believe in bizarre self-created fictions [Fogelin]
Kantian principled rationality is recognition of a priori universal truths [Hanna]
Humean Instrumental rationality is the capacity to seek contingent truths [Hanna]
Hegelian holistic rationality is the capacity to seek coherence [Hanna]
Rational animals have a normative concept of necessity [Hanna]
One tradition says talking is the essence of rationality; the other says the essence is logic [Hanna]
Rationality is conformity to reasons that can be sustained even after scrutiny [Sen]
No one has yet devised a rationality test [New Sci.]