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25. Society / D. Political Doctrines / 5. Democracy / a. Nature of democracy

[what democracy is]

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Democracy is the best constitution for friendship, because it encourages equality [Aristotle]
The many may add up to something good, even if they are inferior as individuals [Aristotle]
Like water, large numbers of people are harder to corrupt than a few [Aristotle]
It is better to be poor in a democracy than be rich without freedom [Democritus (attr)]
If one despises illiterate mechanics individually, they are not worth more collectively [Cicero]
Unfortunately the majority do not tend to favour what is best [Seneca]
Democracy needs respect for individuality, but the 'community of friends' implies strict equality [Grotius]
Majority opinion is visible and authoritative, although not very clever [Pascal]
Unanimous consent makes a united community, which is then ruled by the majority [Locke]
The people have supreme power, to depose a legislature which has breached their trust [Locke]
If deputies represent people, they are accountable, but less so if they represent places [Montesquieu]
Minorities only accept majority-voting because of a prior unanimous agreement [Rousseau]
If the sovereign entrusts government to at least half the citizens, that is 'democracy' [Rousseau]
Democracy leads to internal strife, as people struggle to maintain or change ways of ruling [Rousseau]
When ministers change the state changes, because they always reverse policies [Rousseau]
People who transact their own business will also have the initiative to control their government [Mill]
Democracy is organisational power in decline [Nietzsche]
Unfortunately ordinary voters can't detect insincerity [Russell]
On every new question the majority is always wrong at first [Russell]
If 49% of the population can be wrong, so can 51% [Singer]
Democrats are committed to a belief and to its opposite, if the majority prefer the latter [Scruton]
Democracy is competition for support of the people, guided by self-interest on all sides [Posner]
A system of democracy which includes both freedom and equality is almost impossible [Wolff,J]
Democracy expresses equal respect (which explains why criminals forfeit the vote) [Wolff,J]
Democracy has been seen as consistent with many types of inequality [Wolff,J]
A true democracy could not tolerate slavery, exploitation or colonialism [Wolff,J]
Occasional defeat is acceptable, but a minority that is continually defeated is a problem [Wolff,J]
Effective democracy needs tolerant values [Sen]
Democracy is the best compromise between legitimacy and efficiency [Reybrouck]
Democracy is bad, but the other systems are worse [Swift]
Since all opinions are treated as equal in democracy, it implies there are no right answers [Swift]
Design your democracy to yield political stability, or good decisions? [Swift]
Design your democracy to treat citizens equally, or to produce better citizens? [Swift]
Democracy is a method of selection, or it involves participation, or it concerns public discussion [Shorten]
Some say democracy is intrinsically valuable, others that it delivers good outcomes [Shorten]
Epistemic theories defend democracy as more likely to produce the right answer [Tuckness/Wolf]
Which areas of public concern should be decided democratically, and which not? [Tuckness/Wolf]
Discussion before voting should be an essential part of democracy [Tuckness/Wolf]