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25. Society / C. Political Doctrines / 5. Democracy

[procedures for selection of leaders by the citizens]

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It is better to be poor in a democracy than be rich without freedom [Democritus]
The first priority in elections is to vote for people who support democracy [Anon (Diss)]
A good citizen won't be passive, but will redirect the needs of the state [Plato]
Democracy allows the ignorant to rule, and is a state dominated by paralysing self-indulgence [PG on Plato]
Democracy is the best constitution for friendship, because it encourages equality [Aristotle]
It is wrong that a worthy officer of state should seek the office [Aristotle]
The many may add up to something good, even if they are inferior as individuals [Aristotle]
Like water, large numbers of people are harder to corrupt than a few [Aristotle]
If one despises illiterate mechanics individually, they are not worth more collectively [Cicero]
Unfortunately the majority do not tend to favour what is best [Seneca]
If you try to get elected, you should be permanently barred from seeking office [More,T]
Majority opinion is visible and authoritative, although not very clever [Pascal]
Democracy is a legitimate gathering of people who do whatever they can do [Spinoza]
Unanimous consent makes a united community, which is then ruled by the majority [Locke]
The people have supreme power, to depose a legislature which has breached their trust [Locke]
In a direct democracy, only the leaders should be able to propose new laws [Rousseau]
Minorities only accept majority-voting because of a prior unanimous agreement [Rousseau]
Silence of the people implies their consent [Rousseau]
If the sovereign entrusts government to at least half the citizens, that is 'democracy' [Rousseau]
Democracy leads to internal strife, as people struggle to maintain or change ways of ruling [Rousseau]
Democratic elections are dangerous intervals in government [Rousseau]
When ministers change the state changes, because they always reverse policies [Rousseau]
The English are actually slaves in between elections [Rousseau]
People who transact their own business will also have the initiative to control their government [Mill]
When we seek our own 'freedom' we are just trying to avoid responsibility [Kierkegaard]
If we want the good life for the greatest number, we must let them decide on the good life [Nietzsche]
Democracy is organisational power in decline [Nietzsche]
People like democracy because it means they can avoid power [Baudrillard]
Democrats are committed to a belief and to its opposite, if the majority prefer the latter [Scruton]
Modern democracy is actually elective oligarchy [Watson]