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3. Truth / D. Coherence Truth / 2. Coherence Truth Critique

[criticism of the coherence theory of truth]

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More than one coherent body of beliefs seems possible [Russell]
If we suspend the law of contradiction, nothing will appear to be incoherent [Russell]
Coherence is not the meaning of truth, but an important test for truth [Russell]
Even with a tight account of coherence, there is always the possibility of more than one set of coherent propositions [Dancy,J]
The coherence theory of truth implies idealism, because facts are just coherent beliefs [McGinn]
Any coherent set of beliefs can be made more coherent by adding some false beliefs [Engel]
The coherence theory allows multiple coherent wholes, which could contradict one another [Horsten]
How do you identify the best coherence set; and aren't there truths which don't cohere? [Young,JO]