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10. Modality / B. Possibility / 1. Possibility

[general ideas about what is possible]

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Possibility is when the necessity of the contrary is false [Aristotle]
Anything which is possible either exists or will come into existence [Aristotle]
The actual must be possible, because it occurred [Aristotle]
The Master Argument seems to prove that only what will happen is possible [Diod.Cronus, by Epictetus]
A proposition is possible if it is true when nothing stops it being true [Stoic school, by Diog. Laertius]
In future, only logical limits can be placed on divine omnipotence [Anon (Par), by Boulter]
There is a reason why not every possible thing exists [Leibniz]
How can things be incompatible, if all positive terms seem to be compatible? [Leibniz]
Is the possible greater than the actual, and the actual greater than the necessary? [Kant]
A concept is logically possible if non-contradictory (but may not be actually possible) [Kant]
The analytic mark of possibility is that it does not generate a contradiction [Kant]
That a concept is not self-contradictory does not make what it represents possible [Kant]
Some logical possibility concerns single propositions, but there is also compatibility between propositions [Peirce]
Only the actual exists, so possibilities always reduce to actuality after full analysis [Russell]
What is true used to be possible, but it may no longer be so [Wright,GHv]
Quine wants identity and individuation-conditions for possibilia [Quine, by Lycan]
All possibilities are recombinations of properties in the actual world [Armstrong, by Lewis]
Mathematics eliminates possibility, as being simultaneous actuality in sets [Putnam]
Scientific essentialists say science should define the limits of the possible [Ellis]
Possible difference across worlds depends on difference across time in the actual world [Shoemaker]
Unicorns are vague, so no actual or possible creature could count as a unicorn [Kripke]
The concept of possibility is prior to that of necessity [Bonjour]
There's statistical, logical, nomological, conceptual and metaphysical possibility [Fodor]
What is the truthmaker for a non-existent possible? [Molnar]
Possible states of affairs are not propositions; a proposition can't be a state of affairs! [Fine,K]
When we consider possibilities, there must be something we are considering [Polt]
The metaphysically possible is what acceptable principles and categories will permit [Lowe]
It is impossible to reach a valid false conclusion from true premises, so reason itself depends on possibility [Lowe]
Possibilities can be logical, theoretical, physical, economic or human [Girle]
Sometimes we want to specify in what ways a thing is possible [Melia]
We can't explain 'possibility' in terms of 'possible' worlds [Fisher]
States of affairs are only possible if some substance could initiate a causal chain to get there [Jacobs]
Possibility might be non-contradiction, or recombinations of the actual, or truth in possible worlds [Mumford/Anjum]
Since possibilities are properties of the world, calling 'red' the determination of a determinable seems right [Rumfitt]
If two possibilities can't share a determiner, they are incompatible [Rumfitt]
Possible worlds allow us to talk about degrees of possibility [Vetter]
Maybe possibility is constituted by potentiality [Vetter]
Early modern possibility is what occurs sometime; for Leibniz, it is what is not contradictory [Arthur,R]
All possibility is anchored in the potentiality of individual objects [Vetter]
Possibility is a generalised abstraction from the potentiality of its bearer [Vetter]
Possibilities are potentialities of actual things, but abstracted from their location [Vetter]