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[catalogued under 23. Ethics / F. Existentialism / 7. Existential Action]

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My Existenz, as a possibility, takes a step toward being or away from being, toward nothingness, in every choice or decision I make.

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Every decision I make moves towards or away from fulfilled Existenz


Karl Jaspers (Philosophy [1932], vol.2)

A Reaction

The existential idea of action involves what you are, as well as what you do. There seems to be a paradox. My being is plastic, and can change enormously, so I should take responsibility for the change. But who is in charge of the changes?

Book Reference

'Existentialism', ed/tr. Solomon,Robert C. [Modern Library 1974], p.135

Related Idea

Idea 20315 'Existenz' is the potential being, which I could have, and ought to have [Jaspers]