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Philosophising, not knowing, brings me to myself. The helplessness to which philosophising reduces me when I doubt its origin is an expressions of the helplessness of my self-being, and the reality of philosophising is the incipient upsurge of that being.

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My helplessness in philosophising reveals my being, and begins its upsurge


Karl Jaspers (Philosophy [1932], vol.2)

A Reaction

I like the sound of 'philosophy as a way of life', and loosely aspire to it, but I'm still not sure what it means, other than a good way to pass the time. The idea that it leads to higher modes of being sounds a bit arrogant. But it is a good thing!

Book Reference

'Existentialism', ed/tr. Solomon,Robert C. [Modern Library 1974], p.139

Related Idea

Idea 20315 'Existenz' is the potential being, which I could have, and ought to have [Jaspers]