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The struggle for Existenz has to do with ...with utter candour, with the elimination of all kinds of power and superiority, with the other's self-being as well as with my own.

Gist of Idea

The struggle for Existenz is between people who are equals, and are utterly honest


Karl Jaspers (Philosophy [1932], vol.2)

A Reaction

This is reminiscent of Aristotle's conclusion that democracy is the society which is most conducive to true friendship. I like Jaspers's idea that existential enquiry is a team game.

Book Reference

'Existentialism', ed/tr. Solomon,Robert C. [Modern Library 1974], p.147

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Idea 20315 'Existenz' is the potential being, which I could have, and ought to have [Jaspers]

Idea 87 Democracy is the best constitution for friendship, because it encourages equality [Aristotle]