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[catalogued under 20. Action / C. Motives for Action / 4. Responsibility for Actions]

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I become free by incessantly broadening my worldly orientation, by limitlessly visualising premises and possibilities of action, and by allowing all motives to speak to me. ...The more the totality determines my vision the freer I know I am.

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My freedom increases as I broaden my vision of possiblities and motives


Karl Jaspers (Philosophy [1932], vol.2)

A Reaction

This matches my naturalistic view of responsibility for actions, which are those performed by the 'full' and knowing self. I note that freedom comes in degrees for him, so he presumably don't believe in absolute freedom. It is wholly subjective.

Book Reference

'Existentialism', ed/tr. Solomon,Robert C. [Modern Library 1974], p.153

Related Idea

Idea 20323 Freedom needs knowledge, the possibility of arbitrariness, and law [Jaspers]