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[catalogued under 22. Metaethics / A. Value / 1. Nature of Value / d. Subjective value]

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What is common to all [the artistic, scientific, religious and moral views]: the ruling drives want to be viewed also as the highest courts of value in general, indeed as creative and ruling powers.

Gist of Idea

The ruling drives of our culture all want to be the highest court of our values


Friedrich Nietzsche (The Will to Power (notebooks) [1888], 677)

A Reaction

An interesting question is whether those four socially dominant forces could reach a consensus on a core of values. And also which value held by one of the groups is viewed as crazy by the other three.

Book Reference

Nietzsche,Friedrich: 'The Will to Power', ed/tr. Kaufmann,W /Hollingdate,R [Vintage 1968], p.359