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[catalogued under 9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 3. Individual Essences]

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The overlooking of individuals gives us the concept and with this our knowledge begins: in categorising, in the setting up of kinds. But the essence of things does not correspond to this.

Gist of Idea

We begin with concepts of kinds, from individuals; but that is not the essence of individuals


Friedrich Nietzsche (Works (refs to 8 vol Colli and Montinari) [1885], p.51)

A Reaction

[dated c1873] Aha! So Nietzsche agrees with me in my defence of individual essences, against kind essences (which seem to me to obviously derive from the nature of individuals). Deep in my heart I knew I would find this quotation one day.

Book Reference

Richardson,John: 'Nietzsche's System' [OUP 2002], p.231