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[catalogued under 27. Natural Reality / A. Classical Physics / 2. Thermodynamics / c. Conservation of energy]

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In place of Descartes's conservation of 'quantity of motion', Leibniz upheld both the conservation of linear momentum and the conservation of kinetic energy.

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Leibniz upheld conservations of momentum and energy


report of Gottfried Leibniz (Letters to Samuel Clarke [1716], 5th paper) by David Papineau - Thinking about Consciousness App 2

A Reaction

The point is that momentum involves velocity (which includes direction) rather than speed. Leibniz more or less invented the concept of 'energy' ('vis viva'). Papineau says these two leave no room for causation by mental substance.

Book Reference

Papineau,David: 'Thinking about Consciousness' [OUP 2004], p.235

Related Idea

Idea 20964 Descartes said there was conservation of 'quantity of motion' [Descartes, by Papineau]