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Ten Capabilities: Life (decent), Health (reproduction, shelter), Safety, Mental life (with education), Love (relationships), Planning (with free beliefs), Joining in (and non-discrimination), Nature (relations to), Play, Control (politics and property).

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Capabilities: Life, Health, Safety, Mental life, Love, Planning, Joining in, Nature, Play, Control


report of Martha Nussbaum (Creating Capabilities [2011], 2) by PG - Db (ideas)

A Reaction

She gives her crucial list in rather wordy form. To have impact it needs to be reduced to brief simple slogans.

Book Reference

Nussbaum,Martha C.: 'Creating Capabilities' [Belknap Harvard 2013], p.33

Related Idea

Idea 21010 Justice requires that the ten main capabilities of people are reasonably enabled [Nussbaum]