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[catalogued under 27. Natural Reality / B. Modern Physics / 5. Unified Models / c. Supersymmetry]

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Peter Higgs says he is a fan of supersymmetry, largely because it seems to be the only route by which gravity can be brought into the scheme.

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Only supersymmetry offers to incorporate gravity into the scheme


New Scientist writers (Why the Universe Exists [2017], 03)

A Reaction

Peter Higgs proposed the Higgs boson (now discovered). This seems a very good reason to favour supersymmetry. A grand unified theory that left out gravity doesn't seem to be unified quite grandly enough.

Book Reference

New Scientist writers: 'Why the Universe Exists' [John Murray 2017], p.69

Related Idea

Idea 21177 String theory offers a quantum theory of gravity, by describing the graviton [New Sci.]